We have specialized in developing purpose-built HPA systems for multiple agricultural varieties like lettuce, cannabis etc, providing consultancy, system design, on-site assembly, commissioning and employee training. Following our proven production approach, we also supply water management, plant nutrition schedules and recipes, environmental control, cultivation guidance and facility optimization.

The above is available through AeroOne system purchase or through CityGreens Technology Partnership Program. (CTPP)

Our automated custom made HPA systems are designed to maximize yields and usable cultivation area.

Fully scalable and space adaptive, using the latest IoT solutions and automation, our systems will meet your facility’s needs and make cultivating much more efficient. Custom rolling benches or vertical farm setups are all combinable with our systems.

Each piece of equipment in our system has been carefully selected to provide the highest reliability, quality and efficiency with the least maintenance.

Besides our proprietary equipment we also feature professional industrial instruments from:

If you are ready to upgrade and expand your facility or just starting your business, feel free to contact us so that together we can build your way to success.