What is it?

It is a risk-share technology partnership which aims to help companies or individuals reach higher stages of technological maturity by implementing and optimizing their technical systems using Citygreens HPA systems. The partnerships takes place between Citygreens Farming Ltd as a technology vendor who provides the system and the companies or individuals who use these systems in their daily operations.


Who is it meant for?

Companies or individuals who are interested in growing different variety crops using our proprietary high pressure aeroponic technology without purchasing the system. CTPP is available in different legal and financial frames depending but not limited to country of origin, desired crop & size of cultivation, financial conditions and more.


How is CTPP implemented?

After your initial inquiry, we perform a due diligence to confirm facts and details of your inquiry. Citygreens Farming Ltd will require an examination of financial records and other parameters before the partnership can be concluded. After the legal framework is in place, we will establish a communication process that works with both organizations and together we will start in detail planning of business processes, facility architecture, system requirements and more.


What benefits does the CTPP deliver?

  • Reduces the risk of investing in new technology cultivation
  • Experts in different fields of modern cultivation
  • Professional implementation and optimization of technical systems
  • On point timely and systematic development of new technologies and facility evolution
  • Easier upscaling in the future


How to participate?

Please fill in the form below and we will contact you shortly: